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You don’t always get what you want, but use that to realign with what you really want

How many times did you not get the job that you wanted, that house that you wanted, relationship that you wanted? How many times did the things that you thought that you wanted and got, not turned out? The amazing thing about our ability to let things go and heal is that we can grieve a loss and move forward. Often the growth that we get from the losses that we have provide us with more strength and wisdom to make better choices about what we really want and what’s really best for us. It never feels like that immediately, but honestly the better we are at accepting loss with grace and reevaluating ourselves the more likely we are to come closer to realize the life we were meant to live. Women in particular tend to gloss over flaws- and I mean big red flags 🚩 in behavior because we ultimately want a monogamous full time relationship. When we avoid red flags 🚩 we do ourselves such a disservice because those behaviors don’t go away and are often the very items that break a relationship up years later.

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