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Meditation is medicine for the mind, Nature is the medicine of the soul...

We often look for quick fixes to get us through things. Get a headache- grab a Tylenol, heartburn grab some tums. These seem to be really good fixes for the short term. But what about all of the noise causing the headache? And how about the food you’re eating that’s caused that upset gut? When we are living mindlessly we don’t think about what we are doing daily and our need to decompress, release the noise we took in during our day’s work. Brilliant Bob who boasts his high school football team conquests and Chatty Cathy telling you about the bosses secretary’s latest Bridgertonish tryst while you’re intercepting angry phone calls and tapping away on that key board may be an ideal work day, but all of that noise gets built up every day until we either tell Brilliant Bob and Chatty Cathy to finally shut up, or we end up exploding at our wit’s end, yelling hurting everyone’s feelings and looking like a wildabeast. To avoid the office break down, overzealous rant and eating junk not meant to be digested by your body why not use tools you have at hand to end the madness?!?

Silence and fresh air will eliminate the daily stress, and get us back on track so we aren’t off balance in our lives. Simply put, we have the greatest free resources to mental health and yet we seek a thousand other ways before actually decide to utilize it. Sitting out in the sunshine for even 10 minutes a day can alter the course of your whole day. Sitting in the silence and emptying all of the noise is liberating and allows you to think clearer, speak more accurately and tolerate more while emulating kindness. But that’s not the greatest reward from decompressing daily. The biggest reward is in that you will start to hear your voice. That voice that speaks from your heart and tells you the right thing to do in every situation. That voice we all know is there but drowned out by the Bob’s, Cathy’s, food, phones and activities. That voice we turn to when our life is sh*t and we wonder how we go on from here. Yeah, that voice. It’s still there and it needs care just like any other part of your body. So put the phone down, turn off the TV dim the lights and relax. You need it, your soul needs it. Feed these parts that keep you going so you keep going.

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