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Today I’m going to post about gratitude. I’m going to say that I’m grateful because I’m living a good life. I love my dogs, I love where I’m living and all is good right now. I can walk out onto the deck look out at the pond and breathe in some country air. Today the air is hot humid thick with heaviness, from the impending rain, but I don’t even mind that. I just feel so grateful. I posted today on the Facebook page for this site and things are slow. It’s going to take time, but I have a plan and I have hope that we are bringing services for women to this area. I once said if someone closes a door, I’ll have to come through the window. And sometimes that’s what it takes. Women have not always been planned on for things. They are often given less money, fewer beds, fewer options and why not? They still are expectEd to raise their kids, and maintain jobs and keep a false exterior pretending that their lives are so fantastic. We all know deep down that they aren’t and pretending to be so fanfuckingtastic extends the depths of our dis-ease months and even years because we buy into that false life that we assemble for everyone. That makes our fall from Grace so much more prolific, and painful. When that life crumbles we are shattered and the mess is almost incomprehensible. But I will tell you ladies...if there is one truth in all of the falsehoods it is this: you will get back up stronger and better than anyone and become the best version of you possible. That fall is necessary because you have to lose everything of who you pretended to be to become the person that you are really supposed to be. And that person will be more magnificent than anyone that you could have ever imagined that you were capable of being. That person took her knocks, was laughed at and put down but not now- no longer is that person available for that. She is in the past. You may not even recognize her. You can’t disown that part of yourself but you can certainly look back and say, “God, I am grateful for who I am today. I’ve been stubborn, and it took me a while, but look at me now. I AM GRATEFUL, and LIFE IS GOOD.“

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