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“God Send Me a Sign”

I get crazy superstitious about the strangest things. Hoping if I follow ALL the rules, I might somehow be blessed by magical tidings and escape bad juju or unfortunate circumstances. But the truth is, even if we follow all the rules, pray every day, show gratitude, give back and be grateful that: tragedy and unfortunate events can and will occur in our lives. No one is a saint, and we hurt others by our actions & words at times some intentionally and others unintentionally. We simply cannot control external events or other people. But, often as the case may be, we bring unfortunate events into our lives by leading lives that are not worthy of gratitude. We don’t honor ourselves in our daily lives by the things we do, and say.

There’s no get outta jail free card, vaccine from addiction, domestic issues, or escaping the wreckage of a relationship collapsing right before our eyes. Things happen in life that are gut wrenchingly painful and lead to lessons whether we wanted to learn them or not. If we do a root cause analysis of what happened and really take the time to be introspective I think that you’ll find that there were warnings much sooner than when your life “suddenly” imploded.

If you look deep something told you that what was occurring or what you were doing didn’t sit right in your soul, and I’m going to venture that you pushed those thoughts away more than once- which is where the Universe stepped in.

You got several “love taps”, memory jolts, reminders of where you fit into the bigger scheme of things in life, but unanswered the Universe had to check you, and that my friend was painful. You definitely suffered in some sense, whether loss of a job, friend or a relationship and of course your ego suffered the most intense feeling in these circumstances. Shame. Regret. Embarrassment. Re-hashing it all you think, why? Why is this so painful? Why me?!? Well babe, the universe has been whispering to you for a while. It decided it was time for a shout out, obviously got the message.

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