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Feeling Like a Piece of Garbage Because “Miraculous Millie” Just Dropped 70#...

Feeling like a piece of garbage because “Miraculous Millie” just dropped 70#, landed a great job and banging boyfriend?!?

MEEEEP🚗 (honking)

First- stop comparing yourself to “Miraculous Millie”, it’s freaking killing you. Second “Miraculous Millie” was ready. You not so much.

I’m so OVER fitness gurus and trainers and beat downs and beating yourself up fads. Diets and counseling and anxiety and depression. Some people need these types of people YES, if you feel the need to be army trained and humiliated. I guess, and counseling is a positive if you don’t lie to them and can afford to go, find a dedicated counselor who can see you regularly. But these folks need to tell you that you’re an incredible individual who will do things when you’re ready at you speed. There’s a reason you haven’t had a break through. Should you push yourself? Of course you should. Every one should make sustainable goals that are achievable for them. But you may not want to rock it at “Miraculous Millie’s” pace. Here’s another secret, lol many people don’t do things not because they aren’t ready for THAT but because they are holding onto something else that they don’t want to deal with that’s underneath THAT. So stop beating yourself up with comparisons and start asking yourself what’s REALLY going on UNDERNEATH your “unwillingness” to change. You aren’t changing your habits, losing weight, dating more successful partners who support you, achieving work success, going back to school because:_________. Fill in the blank folks cause it ain’t “Miraculous Millie”, her banging boy or her great job. It be you boo. Now whatcha gonna do bout it?!? Let me know...

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