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Be the Love ❤️ That You Want in Your Life...

Today, on this day of L-O-V-E and loving I encourage you to really explore what part love plays in your life. So often we have been hurt, so we bury our hearts and limit our chances of anyone or anything ever hurting us that deeply again. We each grieve and heal in our on time, so it’s really up to us to decide if and when we will re-enter the arena, more prepared, and less afraid, more guarded, or more grounded. Some so hurt may never open our hearts again, but suffer loneliness silently, or settle for something that we feel that we deserve by our past actions, even if it doesn’t bring happiness it brings security and companionship. We all do what we do and know why, but if you can imagine love today just try. Open your heart let in light and imagine your heart exploding with love inside. Love is so many things but the best is the joy it ultimately brings. Conversation, a hug, coffee, dinner, a touch. To so many it means so very much. I implore you today to not give up, and become the love that you want in your life. You see we mirror what our outer life becomes, so if you want a better lover you’ve got to be one. Try to reach out don’t give up, on love, it’s way too important for you to give up. If there’s one thing we learned from the Pandemic worldwide, we need each other on each other’s side. Love my friends is love, and we can never have enough. Put it out to the universe that you’re looking for love. Be open to new things that you don’t usually do, and maybe this by time next year, love will have found you. Be your best self. Love, hugs and stardust. Happy Valentines Day.

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