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About Living CLEAN

Living CLEAN requires one to be able to communicate freely and clearly with oneself.  It also requires a degree of honesty with yourself. There is no sense of being involved unless we can seriously be honest with ourselves. So often we become so adept at lying that we lie to the one person who matters the most: ourselves. So we must ask: Am I being Authentic? Am I living the life that I should be living? Do I LOVE what I do every day when my eyes open up and my feet hit the floor. if not- What do I need to do to live my best life? How can I live Authentically?

The Living Clean  Personal Program

The first point I want to make sure that we are all clear on is that I am not a counselor. I have had some training in counseling and a lot of training in psychology over the years as well as experience in working with addiction and deriving Careplans to assist people through recovery. But I am not a counselor. I don't bill for services as a counselor, or counsel people. I do write programs for recovery and do coaching for life. The program that I have posted on this website is called Living CLEAN. Choosing Love Everyday, Always, and Now. The reason that I have chosen Living CLEAN for this website is that it is the icing on the cake so to speak. It dots the "i's" and crosses the "t's". It is a Living plan for Recovery. People get so overwhelmed yet they are confident that they will never go back to using once they hit certain milestones. And it's just not true. We all know in the back of our minds, covered in dust is an ugly person that we don't ever want to see day light again; but they are there. Waiting, Watching. Hoping for that chance. And 15 years from now they creep to the forefront and out they come- slathered in anger, spitting up hatred and spewing the foulest of memoirs of years past. The entire family is sure that Satan has just sprung from your your soul, and if you don't do some damage control pronto- there's going to be consequences. Maybe lose your family, your job, your business. Once that self deprecating shift takes hold you are simply screwed. Boy I wish you would have maybe did some self preservation, or focused on living CLEAN. Once we get to that point turning around is hard, so it's a lot easier to do routine maintenance. I know - we are really really bad at self care... there will be videos and private session/consultsavailable online here to help you check yourself and keep your progress in forward motion. 

Lake Erie 


The Living CLEAN Life Plan

Living CLEAN means choosing your words, thoughts food, friends and life choices with LOVE. Being kinds to yourself my friends transforms your life. If you had a way to see someone model behavior to help you comnnect, to rid you of the void, that emptiness would you try to reach out and connect? I know that it is scary when you have shut yourself off for so long. There is certainly pain with growth, but there is also love, and joy. There is also life. So I will make a video series to show people how to connect. Let's see if we can do it. 

The materials are interactive and are meant to stimulate discussion, and assist you with making decisions in your life to maintain your sobriety. We will discuss real life scenarios and try to map out what the best way is to manage situations. We will review meditations, encourage healthy eating and share successful tips to get us on a steady schedule for daily living. Register for the monthly website is the only prerequisite. I will probably need to add a link to You tube to do this because Wix does not have comment capabilities and I want you all to be able to add videos for me to comment on- and I want you to out yourselves out there, and connect. 

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