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Meet Dee

Registered Nurse MSN, MBA, HC

I wanted to write a brief introduction about myself and my posse/soul group. I am a nurse who has worked off and on in recovery for years. I started my work in recovery as a salary EAP representative at GM a while back, From there I have branched out and worked in Detox, dementia and psychiatric nursing roles. As most of you know addiction and recovery go hand in hand with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma so it's important that I have gotten such a variety of experience in order to be the best possible recovery support nurse that I possibly could.  That is so critical to the role that I have  been in school to get a PMH-NP, which has been quite daunting because of the Coronavirus and  the lack of available mentors for students to be able to complete clinical hours.

During my down time, I have questioned even completing this certicate because RN's went from being IV hanging machines to now prescribing med machines. So many people are flooding ths profession that it has lost the luster for me and I wanted the patient connection not the prescriber and diagnosis mess that its becoming This is a problem but I certainly won't let this get me down- I will figure that out and graduate when, if and where I am supposed to. 

 I want to also discuss the soul group that surrounds me and has supported me, that I expect will offer loads of support to all of you at some point. I have met so many fantastic people on my travels all of them having their own unique and incredible talents that makes me love and adore them for the people that they are. They have followed me blindly, and I am so blessed that it has been good experiences which have paved the way for future endeavors. 

My hope is that I can have my soul group together again for a project that is working in addiction and creativity. They all are incredible at both and they norish my soul working with them. 

I have started this website in order to share recovery stories, build community, enhance resources and provide an outlet for people who are so anxious at this time with so much uncertainty. We will have some activities and fundraisers in the near future that I hope will help you take your mind off of the stress of the daily BS and let go and laugh a little. So please feel free to let us know what it is that you want to see more or less of.

Lastly if someone in the community needs to be matched with sponsors, needs help setting and obtaining goals, needs a medication review or assistance with side effects of meds we are here to help with those things also. Just click the booking button. You can set up zoom AA meetings, or set up a personal appointment with myself or one of the other members. As long as we are courteous there is no reason we cannot help and support each other here. 


I have a deep love of Snapchat. My family and friends get snaps of some of the worst filters out there- but I just think that they are awesome. If you don't laugh, you'll probably be crying. :-)

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