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Living sober is an entirely new way of life for people who are in recovery. Once you get off of the substances that were your drug or drugs of choice the addictive thinking remains. Often people will look towards food, sugar, sex, shopping, and gambling as substitutions for the void that they find when they drop the substances of abuse. Many people continue addictive dysfunctional chaotic thinking long after they have stopped filling the void with substitutions which is where CLEAN living comes into play. 

Choosing love is the best way to assure that your decisions will honor your sobriety and keep you on the up and up. There should be no wheeling and dealing, or lying- that is not recovery, and it certainly keeps that addict mindset of what you can get over on who. If you want to live in your light think about the impact that every decision makes on your life. How will it affect you? How will it affect the others involved? Can you say that it is coming from a place of love when you make that decision? If it is you are living in the light. Lying, cheating and conning people takes you back to a low level that you need to be past. If you want to live in recovery you must live CLEAN. Choose LOVE everyday, always and NOW. 

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Establish good Eating Habits, drink fluids for hydration and monitor your health, 

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Adopt a CLEAN Lifestyle

Take the courses and make a plan on Living CLEAN 

Set Achievable Recovery Goals

Be realistic, and authentic so you can achieve real goals and succeed at recovery. 

Personalized CLEAN Recovery  Plan

Follow your plan- seek out support from the community, and lift others up. 

 “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”

Lao Tzu

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